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 P   R   O   J   E   C   T   S  


Sin, Mamadeluna Gallery, Concord, Ca, USA


The 19th Beijing Art Exposition

Chinese International Exhibition Center (CIEC) Beijing, China

Annual Art fair / selection of etchings

  b1st ArtBank, China, JiNan, China

Daydream with me | Open Studio Solo Art Show

36 Gough St. San Francisco, Ca, USA




41st Annual Fort Mason Holiday Exhibition and Sale

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, San Francisco


 Promo Art Show for Nestville Distillery

Hniezdne, SR


Guest speaker |  Art Business Talks

Technical University, Department of Arts, 


 Res Intimo | Solo Exhibition

Vojtech Loffler's Museum of Contemporary Art 

 Design, retouch, branding – for Steve Sy | Models and Tiger Woods, San Francisco, California / Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


An Atlas of Anatomy | mural

University of Veterinary Medicine Kosice, SR


 Femme Fatale | Collaborative exhibition

Vojtech Loffler's Museum of Contemporary Art, Kosice, SR


 Broken Clock-hands Installation & Performance

Chateau Krasna, SR 



 Design, branding – for EasyTechnology, NYC INC, Brooklyn New York


 Art direction | Privee, Marcel Holubec W's fashion show, The East Slovak Gallery 


 LGBT | Official Pride After Party "teplaren"


Tabacka Kulturfabrik, Kosice, SR


 Performance show for Strapo Takoj Tour


Killing the Antibull

Deja Vu, Kosice, SR




 Exhibition SEVEN at VCMC 1720 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 


 AntiBull show featuring Yemi A. D. & DJ Mahogany 

Tiskarna Gallery, Prague, CZ

The Obsession exhibition 27 previously unseen paintings & posters by Jan Saudek

Record Gallery Club, Prague, CZ


 Mural/art direction

Deja Vu Club Kosice, SR


 Christmas Charity Auction  

Bratislava , SR




 With the Smoke in my eyes | Solo Exhibition 

Zebra, Kosice, SR

 40th Anniversary of Art School

 East Slovak Gallery, Kosice, SR


Stage design

Theater Of CVC Domino, Kosice, SR

Jan 2010 – Jan 2011


Lab Technician

(Art Studio / Painting mastery)

City College of San Francisco

Easy Technology NY INC

Brooklyn, New York

marketing, branding and art-design

Steve Sy/Cabo  San Lucas, Mexico

photography retouch, w-design, branding

Moonathe described his artistic beginnings started in his childhood when he experimented with different layers and colors by kissing and peeling off paint from walls in his grandparents’ house. He was surprised to find out there are more layers underneath.


He explains further this was actually a devotional feeling of exploration, discovery and identification of what is underneath the surface. This psychological aspect of layers continuously remains Rob's most important art technique.

Rob's travel experiences inspire him to use new colors, shapes and lines - serving as a stimulus to develop his observation talent. 
His artworks have a sense of Freudian dreamy inner worlds, painted with oils on canvases, wood panels, and glass or light boxes. 
Cubist forms and spontaneous color lyricism dominates in his figurative paintings, combining something from the Fauve art, Cubist and Poetic movements.

After graduation he moved to Prague, Czech Republic to pursue International relations and Diplomacy studies.

Rob's passion for painting eventually forced him to drop out of school so that he can focus fully on art. Subsequently Rob's artwork has been presented during various cultural events, from collaborative, solo exhibitions, auctions to fashion shows, performances or promotions.
His first collaborative exhibition in Prague (The Obsession) consisted of Twenty-seven of his previously unseen canvases which were displayed at Record Gallery Club, Prague together with posters by famous photographer Jan Saudek.

Rob's Second Solo Art show in Prague was in industrial factory art space and was called Antibull focused on boycotting Russian Anti-gay law proposal at the time. He presented frank and personal visual image representing Freedom of Sexuality vs. Undemocratic laws aimed against basic human rights with respect to LGBT community. The show was supported by Yemi A.D. (CZ) and his J.A.D.Dance Company performers who showcased variation on Runaway song choreographed by Yemi.  The piece Yemi originally created for Kanye West's Runaway performance in LA (2010).
Music during the event was curated by the Music Connoisseur DJ Mahogany (US), an International DJ defying musical genres. 
Rob gained further recognition in 2012 with more art shows back in his hometown, Kosice, Slovakia. (Killing the Antibull, Caged Humans, Endless Voyage etc.) & lead team of creatives in a factory like studio.


In 2013 Moonathe moved to San Francisco and worked on more constructed, intimate fauve-cubist paintings in six months created twelve canvases mostly painted with organic pigments and oil. He exhibited these during Art Span Open Studios Program in October 2013.

In 2013 Moonathe started his two year contract with Deja Vu , music club in center of Kosice. 
The same year directed two art shows for them- Caged Humans and Killing the Antibull . Also directed a performance for Slovak rapper Strapo.

The following year 2013, continued with creating almost 10 meters long mural 

In October 2014 directed Official Pride After Party  at Tabacka Kulturfabrik Later this year collaborated with Olo Krizova in Art direction of  Fashion Show PRIVEE by fashion designer Marcel Holubec W - atelier de création at East Slovak Gallery and promo Art Show for Nestville Distillery and their whisky.
In 2015 Rob did his first Solo Museum Exhibition at Vojtech Loffler's Museum of contemporary art, Kosice, Slovak Republic. Thanks this Res Intimo exhibition Moonathe has become historically the youngest exhibiting artist in this Museum.
Shortly after the exhibition he was a guest speaker lecturing about the Art Business at Technical University of Kosice, Department of Arts

In 2016 Rob’s Artwork was presented in China, including collaborative exhibitions in JiNan,  Beijing and Shanghai.

Also exhibited his latest selection of 20 paintings and etching at Open Studio Art Show called Daydream with me, at 36 Gough street. San Francisco, Ca, USA







Prague, Czech republic

- University of International relations and Diplomacy


Kosice, Slovakia

-College of Film and Media Arts 

- Private bilingual Grammary school Katkin park 2

- College of applied art

2nd level / Florence and Rome, Italy

Painting courses, Art history of Florence and Rome


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