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Daydream with me - Open Studio Exhibition

A solo open studio exhibition DAYDREAM WITH ME by Rob Moonathe. The collection includes Moonathe's paintings, etchings, drawings and sculptures - The exhibition was hosted by Megumi Bell (located on 36Gough Street, San Francisco) Curated by photo-realist painter James Torlakson & supported by musicians: rapper Turbo T. Double (LA), DJ- Iso Murillo (SF)

Promo Art Show for Nestville Distillery


Solo Exhibition at

 Vojtech Löffler Museum of contemporary art

Privee by M.Holubec W atelier de création / directed by Olo Krizova & Rob Moonathe

Official Pride After Party 

 with DJ Mahogany (US)

Queer party (Teplaren)


Killing the Antibull CHOREOGRAPHY



for Strapo Takoj Tour, Deja Vu, KE


a short experimental/poetic film

Exhibition S E V E N

Exhibition S E V E N (1720Market St. San Francisco, CA)at V.C.M.C.
represents works of seven contemporary artist - Mark Pinto, Bill Hipps, Tisha Kenny,Elisabeth Ashcroft, Gregory Vernitsky,David Rose and Rob Moonathe
Please come & join us for our Exhibition 7
Grand opening'll be on Friday/October 18th at V.C.M.C. - 1720 MARKET ST.,San Francisco- enjoy that unique art with a glass of wine & food at the opening reception with DJ & film screening! 


EXHIBITION of  cubo-surreal paintings and sketches of more than 300 "Antibull Lovers" with diferent sexual orientation spatially designed in the shape of a bull's head that represents human agression
"All show speaks out against Russia´s Anti-Gay law that has nothing to do with democracy!"
A surrealistic perception through the eyes of mine, an uncanny flow of visions deeply rooted and exposed. This, along with a beat that was set that night on fire, while it was captivating your senses .
The opening started with amazing JAD Dance Dance Company and their performance choreographed by Yemi AD who originally created this for Kanye West's Runaway performance in LA (2010)
Music by DJ Mahogany(US) is an International DJ who defies musical genres.Catch her on the 1’s & 2’s serving up an enticing mix of eclectic, innovative high energy grooves. The sound that results is captivating.
ANTIBULL  SHOW/- Tiskarna Gallery, Opatovicka 18, Prague


"Happiness means to have all body covered with colours,
with empty bowels-- breathing that sour contagious turpentine
& to be sick of love & I'm pretty sure next morning
i´ll found myself sleepin in the bathtub & hot water
will melt ma blue thighs... " come to see this painful happiness of my life
(yours as well) -everything on 27 previously unseen paintings (mostly oil on canvas)The Obsession- the exhibition at trendy brand new opened R.C.G.Gallery, Prague I am glad that the owner decided to connect "The Obsession" in collaboration with famous Jan Saudek and his surreal posters.
Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work 


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